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08-05-21 02:29:57 1729 Accident at Chechinia area Maai Mahiu - Naivasha rd https// via @abujumas #KenyanTraffic 0 0
08-05-21 02:57:11 1757 near kinungi accident https// via @shethnakuru #KenyanTraffic 0 0
08-05-21 04:49:10 1949 Accident near KCA via @izmemwangi #KenyanTraffic 0 0
08-05-21 06:23:56 The current situation at at Shell Muguga, Landless along Thika-Garissa Highway which has been blocked by bodaboda riders following the death of one of their own in an accident. #kenyantraffic Via @ThikaTowntoday 0 0
08-05-21 17:21:43 0821 A serviceable tyre bursting "may" cause accident. If tyre is worn, it's negligence. Other than "acts of God", anything else is human controlled. Not "accident". via @PatrickKibocha #KenyanTraffic 0 0
08-05-21 17:34:44 0834 @sikikasafety @road_driving Many accidents are a function of many variables at play. Right now all we're seeing is an outcome w/o any context. via @cryztol #KenyanTraffic 0 0
08-05-21 19:09:15 1009 @WanjikuKarioki @edward_safari1 Driving carefully is not even debatable, it’s a must. But one day you’ll understand that some accidents are out of your control like tailgating a truck ujipate unasimamishwa na diff! via @Dzaina #KenyanTraffic 1 0
08-05-21 19:31:41 1031 @WanjikuKarioki @edward_safari1 How is it out of your control while you are tailgating? This won't be an "accident" but an incident. via @PatrickKibocha #KenyanTraffic 0 0
08-05-21 20:00:12 1100 Please lets ensure that lives are valued. Impound all trucks which do not have reflectors. Some of the road accidents can be prevented if only everyone followed the law. via @jmwanz #KenyanTraffic 0 0
08-05-21 21:43:11 1243 Dear @Sarit_KE your policy of charging motorbikes for parking is causing dangerous congestion at exits. They bunch up and wait for cars to pass and sneak their way out thru the barriers. Accidents waiting to happen. Dont be so greedy via @smandavia #KenyanTraffic 0 0
08-05-21 23:00:47 1400 minor accident along lower kabete Road at the brookside drive roundabout via @crimewatch008 #KenyanTraffic 0 0